Bilingual Analysis: Hunger Of Memory By Richard Rodriguez

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The best part of my paper is the second body paragraph. I believe that it entails a detailed description of Rodriguez’s journey of transitioning from Spanish to English. I also highlight the point where Rodriguez finally built the courage to speak in his English boldly and confidently, something he struggled with throughout his entire child hood. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of Rodriguez and how he developed how he transitioned to a little boy to a confident young man. I specifically liked the quote that I chose that explained that although the Rodriguez family changed. If I could I would spend more time on my concluding paragraph . I wanted to put more details but also didn’t want to add too much of my personal opinions into the paper or sound bias. If I knew more information on the writer I would of added details on the impact that being a bilingual American has had on his life.
The sentence that of my paper that I believe was exceptionally good can be found at the bottom of body paragraph 2. It reads, “Richards’s malleability to his American identity allowed him to make the best of his American life and branch out and connect with other Americans as Crevecoeur dreamed”. I believe this sentence was good because it basically sums up the theme of “Hunger of Memory”. Richard didn’t let his environment
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I grew up in an English speaking home so I’ve never had to struggle with learning an entirely new language. I do believe that perhaps your writing can be more effective when you have a personal relation to the theme of the literature. Richard still wrote his autobiography in an eloquent way that made it easy to understand as well as relate to. Through this project I did learn that I have the ability to summarize better than I thought. I normally don’t like writing summaries. I also learned that I have room for improvement as with each assignment I learn and grow
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