Bilingual Education

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Effective communication in the classroom is important in learning and teaching. It makes learning easier and helps students to achieve learning goals. Effective communication can strengthen the relation between students and teachers. It also allows teacher and students to share their ideas, experiences, feelings an knowledge. However, it will be very challenging for both teachers and students in a bilingual classroom. There are many strategies that can improve the communication in the class for teachers. I will start my essay by describing what is a bilingual education, the barriers of communication in classroom and finally I will elaborate few strategies on how to improve communication in a bilingual classroom.
According to McCarty (2010),
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There are several reasons for avoiding mixed language in classroom. Students are not motivated to learn the second language because the students know that there will be a translated to the first language. The third point states that the community should recognise bilingualism as a valuable factor.
According to an article published on, Bilingual education refers to the practice of teaching students’ English proficiency. There are different types of bilingual education methods. Firstly, the transitional bilingual education program where children is not fluent in English are taught some subjects in their native language.
Second type is Two-Way which is also known as dual language or bilingual immersion. This education program employs two teachers in a single classroom. Instruction in the subject is given in both English and another language at the same time. It is believed this type of bilingual education program can be effective in teaching English to non-English-speaking students.
Third one is Immersion which refers to a type of bilingual education program wherein non-English-speaking students spend the entire day learning subjects taught in English. Teachers may attempt to simplify the language for these students if
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There are a lot of strategies to improve communication in classroom recommended for teachers who are focusing on English language learners and students with learning disabilities.
The first strategy is a teacher should speaks slowly, clearly and naturally. This will make the students to listen and focus on information or instruction given by the teacher. Second, try to use shorter sentences in every instruction. If the teacher speaks too quickly, ask the students to signal the teacher. Third one is the teacher should face the students and avoid putting hands in front of the face because sometimes people want to see the face and lips of the person they are talking to. The fourth strategy recommended for teachers is to create a classroom environment that supports differences by considering the use of pictures, posters, drawing arts, maps and others. Fifth, teachers should create an emotionally positive classroom among students in the classroom to enable children to feel worthwhile and cared for, despite their cultural differences. Thus, a caring classroom lets children relax and focus on
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