Bilingual Education Thesis

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Baker (1997: 215) added five more to these four types of bilingual education: general education with teaching a foreign language, teaching separatist, two-way bilingual teaching and bilingual teaching general. These types of bilingual education that takes place in our country for different reasons is the general teaching with teaching of a foreign language. First because the existing social situation is that of a majority language: the Spanish, and second because the Education Act does not allows us to opt for another type of greater outreach program.
Once considered the types of teaching bilingual the question we ask is what is the best of all, are these effective?
It has been suggested that the effectiveness of bilingual education needs
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The questionnaire consisted of 34 questions of closed answer and others that leave the possibility of a broader response. The survey send to more than 200 schools belonging to the Principality of Asturias, both public and concerted or private. Of these I have only obtained 32 response centers. At first it was thought to limit the ratio only public schools but because of the shortage of bilingual projects he has chosen to expand the ratio of centers that are most offer available today. Of the survey analysis shows the…show more content…
The children will see and hear another short version of the song, represented by two animals, and ask them what instrument have seen again: What is the instrument you can see? They should say: the guitar.
-What Instrument is it? (15 min) The teacher with the children will represent the story with gestures and facial expressions. The teacher will tell the children: Let´s play!. In the dramatization we will use visual aids as are the flashcards representing the piano, drum, guitar and saxophone mentioned in the story. This flashcards,we have found on the internet (Annex 1). Representation finalize the teacher saying: Thank you. Clap your hands.
- After the performance, the teacher will be pointing to a flashcards of musical instruments: Repeat after me: piano, saxophone, big bass drum, guitar, and sing the sounds! Later the children will imitate the sound emitted by each instrument, for example, pom, pom, pom - drum.
Children will repeat the performance of the teacher imitating gestures and sounds the different instruments of the story (10
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