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At the age of ten being raised by minority parents was very difficult for me at the time. At the age of ten I was forced for my English and Spanish vocabulary to be very proficient due to always translating for my parents. At that age learning both languages was annoying, frustrating, and difficult; however that experience shaped me to be a proficient bilingual nurse present and gain benefits by being bilingual. The benefits where the many open job opportunities with the increase pay. This experience also assisted to raise my daughter to speak and write both languages actively although just not the way my parents forced it on me. As noted in in the book, out of the five-factor models the personality traits I possess are as follow conscientiousness…show more content…
At times I see myself with a sense of low self-esteem and shy at times. Which has becomes a struggle to overcome but has ensured to never raise my daughter in that type of environment. Growing up in a minority family no one believed that you would finish school and there was no need to finish school because to them to making a living you had to just start working at a young even if it meant dropping out of school. I believed in myself and completely value my own interest and goals, which pushed me to finish my nursing career. Which in present encourage me to have a strong belief to encourage my children to pursue her own interest, not those you think you should have. With the experience of being raised in a negative environment and negative people never made my beliefs go away. I always believed everything will turn out all right. Even if thing seemed bad, they surely pass In Erickson Psychosocial Stage of Development I currently would be in generativity vs stagnation. As stated in the book, “is the desire to guide the next generation, through parenting, teaching, or mentoring” (Wood, Wood, & Boyd, 2013, p. 290). Erickson Psychosocial eight stages explain how I came to be who I
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