Bilingual Persuasive Speech

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That is fantastic news, congratulations!!! I think Lisa and you are going to make great parents. I sure remember those wild days. Sometimes, I remember those days thinking that we were wild back then. It is good to see you grow from the “8th street bad boy” to such successful person in life. It is even welcoming to know that you are becoming a father soon. That girl, Laura, is lucky to have you as parents who will great care of her. First thing is first – I would recommend you to seriously consider to raise your girl as a bilingual kid. I understand why you worry about her language experience and want to let you know that you are not alone in such situation. I would recommend you to research about bilingualism and bilingual kids. You will be…show more content…
I just want to mention four most benefits your kid would have growing as a bilingual. First, little Laura will benefit emotionally by communicating her extended families. It is important for all of you to stay connected to your extended family and your heritage. In fact, children who can communicate fluently across their family languages tend to stay closer to the family and rely on them more for support. There are also practical benefits. The more language knowledge significantly helps towards your career as you know. Bilinguals have the privilege of get their information from a wider variety of resources. Also, it has great educational benefit to kids. Many studies suggest that bilingual children tend to have a higher concentration and are better at working through distraction while doing their school work. Research has shown that bilinguals score higher on average on tests involving creative thinking or problem solving. These advantages surely lead her to nothing but success in life. However, the most important benefits she would receive is the cultural advantage. Bilingual person does not mean bicultural. So, I want you to know that how important it is for her to know about her heritage culture and become bicultural. I personally think kids should have right to get introduced to their heritage and its culture to fully identify themselves. Earlier the kid acknowledges and accept their heritage, easier it is going to find their
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