Bilingualism In Bilingual Language

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Introduction As human beings, we have the ability to pass on our thoughts,emotions and our opinions to the others which are truly a remarkable ability. The way we use the language can be an influence for our self-concept and identity. One of the main influences of our language is culture,but except the influence in the language, it also affects as in how we conceive about who we are as persons and of our origin. Language as language has a social aspect,which by this we mean that language it is used by people of the society. Because the social feature of the language is that important it is studied by sociolinguistics which is a part of linguistics in terms of social factors. The alternatives of the language are mainly seen in bilingual societies. Therefore the phenomena of language which take place in these societies in order to make the communication effective and important. One of these phenomena is bilingualism and the other is code-switching. First of all, bilingualism has huge effects on the development of children’s language,as many types of research has shown. Many theories propose that bilingual children are more able to learn a second language after they have reached a high level at their mother tongue(first language). One of the many reasons that a child learns more easily the second language is because behind all this the cause is that the children have already the nonverbal concept of the word because she/he is already able to use in a very good level

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