Importance Of English Language Learning Essay

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Already in the 16th the Emperor Charles V was aware of the importance of language learning as we can deduce from his words “I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my dog”.
In nowadays society, foreign language learning is a key concept to understand and also form part of the world around us. Roger Bacon says “Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”, so there is no doubt that, in our society, being communicatively competent in a foreign language is essential to be successful in the outside world. Important changes like globalization, multiculturalism or the development of new technologies have defined our society and its inhabitants leading us to the end of all kind of boundaries among countries. All these
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• Feasibility of the application; taking into account the previous experience of school, the level of English of the teaching staff, the resources available, etc.
• Balanced distribution of selected schools between the different geographical areas.
Bilingual schools are those which teach in English at least one third of school time. It includes Natural Science, Social Science and usually Arts. Sometimes schools decide to increase the number of English instruction by teaching Physical Education or Religion too. It excludes Maths and Spanish Language from being taught in English. Finally most of them have more than 40% classes in English.
According to teachers, depending on the hours they teach in the bilingual program they receive a complement in the salary based on “extra dedication that results in a longer workday, due to the higher demands imposed, by the activities of class preparation, processing and adaptation of materials into other languages and regular attendance at coordination meetings outside school hours”.
In the program also participates conversation assistants from English speaking
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