Pros And Cons Of Code Mixing

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Many children are exposed to a variety of languages each day. Parents, will usually be the ones to experience difficulty with raising their child bilingually with the proper support for their child’s needs. Parents may also find confusion in regarding their child/en and their psychical ability to speak and communicate in two different languages from their early age.
That is why 6 years ago, we decided to build our own community and schools around Europe so that we can be the ones to help lead children into learning a new foreign language,even, if their parents are not bilingual. Our team works to their best ability to make the children feel comfortable and yet challenge them with learning a new language in a fun way.

Doctor. Sam Jefferson,
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“This may be one one of parent biggest concerns but there is nothing to worry about. There is no scientific information to support this issue with confusion and so we have no proof. Depending on how people perceive confusion, one may think that code mixing is one of the symptoms. But it is not, in fact it is very normal for bilingual children to mix words from two different languages but this may happen to adults as well.”
Should parents prevent themselves from mixing languages together? Again code mixing could be a frequent thing in an everyday life conversation. If your child can cope with that and understand words from both languages as well as the intended meaning, then no don't avoid this. If though you feel like the child is more confudado and doesn't know how to react, try and minimise code mixing in conversations.
Does bilingualism make children more intelligent?
I would suggest that bilinguals show certain advantages when it comes to social understanding and as we know speaking a language might help us understand a whole new culture. bilinguals could also profit from being able to work in different places and meet and communicate with different people with different
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