Bilingualism In The Filipino Language

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Introduction In our generation today, students are not only using one language as they articulate with other people. For this reason, this results them into not being devoted with speaking the English language alone. Moreover, one reason why they use not just one language is that, Philippines has more than 100 dialects which are used in different places; in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Because of this, it cannot be avoided that majority of Filipino teachers are being affected by the fact that a vast number of learners are considered bilinguals. Many recent studies have been fixated on the effects of bilingualism on the eloquence of the learners in the English language. Consequently, through these varieties of studies conducted,…show more content…
Moreover, this phenomenon is actually similar with what is happening in numerous schools here in the Philippines; the students are most likely well-off in using the Filipino language when they speak. Consequently, these students are enduring the costs of being incompetent. From these problems, further inquiries concerning this matter will greatly profit inept students re their fluency level in the said language as well as their teachers. Regarding the students, they will be granted an excellent chance to pick up since the focal intent of the bilingual teaching strategy is to allow the students to effortlessly apprehend the courses through the use of their mother tongue. In a performed test, De Dios (2013) stated, “n this test, monolinguals do as well as bilinguals when the children are asked to recall only which blocks had a figure. However, when asked to provide the correct sequence, 5-year old bilinguals had a higher score (50% correct) than the 5-year old monolingual children (41%…show more content…
The two main variables in this research are bilingualism, and the proficiency level of the students in English. These major variables tackle the learners’ fluency in English, frequency of using the English as well as the Filipino language, and their confidence level in using English as their medium of communication. Also, this study includes the profile of the students, their age and gender, as sub-variables. This research will not discuss the variables which are not mentioned. The respondents are ___ grade 12 students from Assumpta Technical High School. The researchers used the Slovin’s Formula in arriving at the indicated specified number of respondents. On the other hand, regarding the way on how the researchers chose their respondents among the ___ grade 12 ABM and STEM students, they used the fishbowl method in picking the __ students who will not be chosen as respondents in this research; since it will be easier to eliminate ___ than picking the ___ respondents.

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