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Literature Review It is the intent of this review of the literature to show the need for further research in the area of bilingualism in order to add to the existing body of knowledge in the area of bilingualism. The literature review has shown a gap in the literature, and the need for further research in the area of bilingualism is the effects on people and especially children, and also how it reflects to their personality the among five years. According to Abutalebi (2010), he showed that bilingualism affects linguistic and cognitive performance across the lifespan. The effect on the children’s language makes them have less vocabulary than their monolingual peers. Also, bilingual adults preform more poorly on their tasks than monolinguals.…show more content…
There were three major explanations for this improved development, which are proposed that the bilingual-bicultural child experiences the world from two different perspectives, increasing his/her awareness and moving him/her away from a limited, egocentric point of view. Additionally, the second one was the code-switching process inherent in bilingualism facilitates development of a more flexible approach to cognitive problems. The final explanation was that the bilingual's metalinguistic awareness or objectification of language promotes higher levels of abstract thinking and concept formation. They finalize their research by saying that bilingual education is not only a right, but also an excellent tool for enhancing the academic and intellectual potential of our…show more content…
It was found that experience in separated contexts increases the associative independence of translated equivalents in the bilingual's two languages.” (Lambert & Crosby, n.d P. 239-244). If the bilingual has learned his two languages in culturally distinctive contexts, the semantic differences between translated equivalents are comparatively increased. There was no difference found in faculty to switch from one language to the other than can be attributed to contextual

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