Bilirubin Case Study

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Electrochemical behavior and Square Wave Voltammetric Determination of Bilirubin Based on Nafion/Graphene Oxide Nanocomposite Glassy Carbon Electrode Hayati Filik(*), Asiye Aslıhan Avan, Sevda Aydar Istanbul University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemitry, 34320 Avcılar Istanbul, Turkey Abstract A highly sensitive electrochemical sensor for the determination of bilirubin at the Nafion-electrochemically reduced graphene oxide (Nafion/ER-GO) modified glassy carbon electrode is reported. The electrochemical oxidation behaviors of bilirubin (BR) at the Nafion/ER-GO modified glassy carbon electrode were studied in acetone 0.05 M H2SO4 containing as the supporting electrolyte. The Nafion/ER-GO modified glassy carbon electrode exhibited…show more content…
Free heme, which is toxic, is degraded via cleavage of its tetrapyrrolole ring by heme oxygenase. Bilirubin exists in two forms in the body: indirect (unconjugated) and direct (conjugated). Indirect bilirubin, which doesn't dissolve in water, must travel to the liver to be changed into the soluble form, direct bilirubin. Normal levels of bilirubin in blood serum of adult range from 10−5 M to 10−6 M [1]. When the amount of bilirubin in the body exceeds the binding capacity of albumin, extra free bilirubin binds and deposits to various tissues, especially in the brain with deleterious effects. The importance of bilirubin analysis in clinical chemistry is related to diagnosis and prediction of haemolytic disorders in adults as well as in newborn infants…show more content…
Its remarkable characteristics have led to its rapid development in the electrochemical biosensing, field effect transistors, and optical biosensing as well as the creation graphene-metal nanoparticle hybrids for improved performance [23]. In a recent study, Feng et al. [24] reported MWCNTs-COOH/graphene/AuNPs composite hybrid materials to fabricate a bilirubin biosensor. The electrochemical behavior of the fabricated biosensor has been investigated and the result demonstrated that MWCNTs-COOH/GNs/AuNPs composite can possess high electron

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