Bill AB 1321 Case Study

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As a resident of California, I can attest that California needs to pass House Bill AB 1321, better known as the Nutrition Incentive Matching Grant Program. Bill 1321 will improve the overall public health in the state of California. This bill would allow low-income residents of California to access and affordable and nutritious fresh produce. Outlined in Bill 1321 is a healthy food incentive program that serves California’s low-income populations who receive Supplemental Food Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits. Bill 1321 strives to secure access to affordable and healthy food options for California’s most vulnerable populations. According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA,2017), the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program…show more content…
I will be making a social change coalition. A social change coalition is a type of coalition that we categorize as an organization of organizations whose members agree on a mutual purpose and shared decision-making to make an influence (Mizrahi, & Rosenthal,2001). All members agree on the mutual goal of improving low-income individual’s access to proper nutrition. Three potential allies would be California Food Policy Advocates, California Center for Public Health Advocacy and Action for Healthy Kids. California Food Policy Advocates is a statewide policy and advocacy organization that has a mission of improving the health among low-income residents by improving their access to nutritious and affordable foods. California Center for Public Health Advocacy raises awareness about critical public health issues and strives to promote advantageous health policies. My last ally would be Action for Healthy Kids which focuses on the epidemic of overweight children in…show more content…
I am also going to use social media as part of my plan. I would make a twitter account to get individuals of California on board. With permission, I would share personal written testimonies of stakeholders on Twitter. I believe sharing testimonies on social media would allow residents of California to view personal testimonies and recognize why passing this bill is paramount for our state. On this Twitter account, which will be called Pass Bill AB 1321 I would also post health statistics, facts about chronic disease and pictures of food deserts. Since most people are active on social media, I would use social media to gain the favor of this bill. I would tweet these posts to the Committee on Agriculture, in hopes some committees’ staffers can view the important
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