Bill C-51 Cartoon Analysis

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The cartoon that I have chosen represents Bill C-51. Bill C-51 is an anti-terrorist act which the Parliament of Canada has passed to allow Canadian government agencies to know more information about individuals. This bill allows the Canadian Security Intelligence Service to stop terrorist acts from occurring by cancelling suspicious suspects’ travelling plans or by taking control of their finance and banking. With this bill taking place, the police don’t have to be 100% certain that a suspect has committed a harmful act and are allowed to keep someone in the police station for up to three days or prison them for about five years if a crime has been committed. This bill had been released on the 9th of June in 2015.
In my cartoon, there is
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The sections that are applicable are section 2 ( b), section 7, section 8 and section 9. Section 2 ( b) relates to this cartoon because it can limit our expression. We will not be able to fully express what we think or feel on the internet because the government can see every little thing we do. Even if we do express what we feel it can be used against us and in our defense we cannot use anything. Section 7 is of main relevance to my cartoon because in this section it states that we have the right to life, liberty and security. With this bill, anyone can be sent to prison even though their actions were not intended for terrorist behaviour. This bill will limit the security that every individual gets even though they are innocent. As the other sections are important, section 8 and 9 play a very important role towards this bill. Section 8 states that everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search, but in this bill it is said that police can search you at any time when they suspect some unusual behaviour. I can relate Section 9 because the police now have the right to detain anyone without getting consent from the judges. I believe that these sections apply best to this
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