Bill Clinton: A Hero Or Villain?

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Bill Clinton was the worst president to ever take office in the white house. Bill loved locking people for whatever reason he could. There was a death in police custody and Bill apologized for locking to many people up. There was 2.4 million people in prison and over 160,000 of them had to be serving the life sentence. Clinton teamed up with Reagan and came up with the three strike rule. So this three strike thing is saying that if you get three felony convictions you will earn a life sentence. The Clintons were also involved with a cocaine ring in mena arkansas.Teenage girls were drugged and raped at their parties. Two little boys were killed in mena at the site bags of cocaine were loaded and unloaded 2 little boys were murdered there.…show more content…
Bill like Hillary knew about murder that was going on and didn 't nothing about it or even covered it up. The Rwanda genocide was an 100 day murder between Hutus and their neighbor the Tutsi. This slaughter killed over 800,000 people that left the streets riddled with dead bodies. Children were raped and dismembered. Bill knew what was going on and the only thing he did was cover up any evidence of it. Clinton also could have stopped Bin Laden but instead he let him get away. At this time Bin Laden was not the globally recognized villain he is now. But the CIA had been learning Osama had started to get into bigger terrorist circles planning bigger and worst acts of atrocities. The CIA had told Bill of the info about this new enemy and even asked if he wanted to stop and deter his movements. To Bills mistake he had said no and then Bin Laden moved up the ranks and eventually the thing that changed America forever could have been stopped if he just said yes. Clinton 's presidency was packed full of scandals about him. The ones he is most infamous for his sex scandals with Paula Jones and Monica Lewinsky. He is a married man and he is off cheating on her and getting caught. The worst thing is his wife Hillary thinks…show more content…
Bill had to keep is power so they told her she needed to deny everything about what happened. After the scandal she could have received jobs making over ten million dollars. But she had declined because she felt that it wasn 't right and she wanted to be able to get a job by herself and not her history. Unfortunately that was hard for her career she was looking for because they look back at her history. Monica wanted to come clean because she heard of a story about a boy who committed suicide because he kissed another boy. She knew the feeling of being shamed and wanted to commit self harm over something that was turned on her. Bill should have been the one in trouble and got all the attention for cheating on his wife. So out of all of this i feel like Bill Clinton was one of the worst presidents to ever take office. As you can tell by all of these scandals and him even getting impeached. To this day he is still criticized for what he has done and the lives he has ruined and even ended. Anyone that is part of the Clintons should be banned from taking part of anything in this country. His wife Hillary even has some of her own scandals
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