Bill Clinton Health Care Reform Speech Analysis

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The debate over America’s health care reform has been contested for many years. In his 1993 speech to Congress, America’s former president, Bill Clinton conveys that America’s first step toward “change” is the reform of their health care system. He adopts a friendly but a determined tone to invite and persuade the citizens to the change, while implementing slightly emphasized diction and several factual evidences to support his claim.

In the opening of the speech, Clinton’s use of a friendly but a determined tone invites the citizens to attention and persuades them to participate in the “change” of America, first starting with the reform of their health care. Clinton begins by saying, “My fellow Americans, tonight we come together.” Clinton’s purpose is not only to provide the citizens an intimate sense, but to abandon his superior image as a president. Through this technique, Clinton is able to draw the audiences’ attention naturally like a friend. He then
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Clinton explains that “on any given day, over 37 million Americans have no health insurance at all [and that their] medical bills are growing at over twice the rate of inflation.” By applying facts and statistics, Clinton not only makes the audiences gain more credibility from him but also makes them reflect on how much they have already invested on health care just like the facts have stated. Furthermore, Clinton makes people surmise the benefits and savings that will result from the health care reform which will help bolster his claim.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that Clinton is able to advocate for the health care reform of America by implementing a combination of a friendly but a determined tone, slightly emphasized diction and factual reasoning. Although Clinton made a significant first step, it is important for the American society to continue making strides toward more affordable and efficient health care

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