Bill Clinton Impeachment Case

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The second President that got impeached followed after the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson is President Bill Clinton, on December 19, 1998. Due to the bitter partisanship that dominated Washington, D.C. during his two terms, and to his personal flaws, he became the most investigated President in history. (The impeachment of Bill Clinton). And there were many events that happened in the course of the time to get to the impeachment. There are many events that had lead to the start of the whole impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton. There is one especially important case called the Jones vs. Clinton case. This case was argued from January 13, 1997 and the results was on Decided May 27, 1997. ( The history place). This case…show more content…
In July 1998, after being granted immunity from prosecution by Starr to make her cooperate with him. Ms. Lewinsky finally admitted that she in fact had had a sexual relationship with the President that did not include intercourse, but denied that she had ever been threatened to lie about the relationship by the President or by any those who are close to him. (American Political History). During the same month, She also turned over a blue dress to Starr that contained a stain from a sexual encounter with the President. The FBI obtained a blood sample from the President and was able to match his DNA with the stain on the dress. Evidence of a sexual encounter was now undeniable. (Famous Trial). This was one of the few main evidence that Starr and the FBI found that the president is guilty for what he have done and he had lied to all the American…show more content…
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