Bill Clinton's Mistakes In President

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A leader is someone you can look up to with admiration. A proper leader does not mislead the people that stand with them. They are open, honest, and responsible. They don’t hide their failures. They own up to their mistakes because that’s what leaders do.
Mistakes happen. Even our best world leaders are still just people. Even the leaders of our country have made some pretty huge mistakes, but secrecy and deceit never ends well. Most of our leaders in government were elected to make decisions on society’s behalf, and the people of our country will never respect someone selling empty promises and unrealistic dreams. This is especially true when it comes to the presidency and campaigns. Often presidential candidates will try to cover up their mistakes. They will attempt to rewrite history to appear perfect to the voters. This is a poor strategy. The voters, most of the time, understand and can relate to mistakes. It is one thing that unifies us as people, the human race is inherently prone to mistakes and the voters understand that.
There are several presidential candidates this
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He made more than a few questionable decisions in the past but, he recently has not tried to hide his past but instead tries to learn from it. He is inspiring the youth of our country in a way he never did as president. A recent poll shows that 56 percent of Americans view Bill Clinton in a positive way. Even after all of the mistakes he made as president he still managed to govern our country and lead our society. He is widely regarded for all of the things he’s done both in and out of office. Even with his lapses in judgment he still managed to be viewed as one of America’s greatest, most influential
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