Bill Cosby Analysis

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After the discovery of his surprising public scandal, it has become incongruous to have any kind of discussion about Bill Cosby in a politically neutral manner; even though only one year prior, hating Cosby would have been synonymous to hating the Beatles. However, what if it were disclosed that Paul McCartney had been torturing puppies for the past fifty years, would Abbey Road instantly be viewed negatively in the public eye? Bill Cosby’s, Himself, has been regarded as one of the most influential stand up specials in history, so is it conceivable to dismiss his work from the upper echelons of comedic greatness? While Himself’s grandeur shouldn’t pardon any of Cosby’s maliciousness, shouldn’t it still be appreciated as a work of timeless…show more content…
The special is basically Cosby sitting in a chair, complaining, and giving his observations about his family life and the degenerate youth of generation X. Cosby's range of idiosyncrasies and relatable storylines are often regarded as revolutionary by a generation of young comedians. Go into any comedy club and ask around what people think of Himself, and you're pretty much guaranteed to hear responses such as, “It's the reason I decided to get into comedy.” It has inspired multitudes of aspiring comedians, and legends, such as Jerry Seinfield, Sarah Silverman, and even Hannibal Buress; it's influenced the way comedians perform comedy, as well as how the audience absorbs it. All the praise that exists for Himself is what makes it incredibly difficult to, now, invalidate it completely; however, comedy aficionados from all over the globe would easily dispute that Himself should be disregarded from any public discourse, and its influence forgotten. But is this all necessary? Just because public opinion of Cosby should rightly change, doesn't necessarily mean that public opinion of what constitutes a good joke should change. Does Michael Jackson’s shortcomings suddenly make any of his music less infectious? It shouldn't; however, only minutes into watching Himself for the first time since Cosby's downfall, you quickly begin to realize how ostensibly difficult it is to
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