Bill Cosby Persuasive Speech

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Dear Bill Cosby as a child I use to watch your show almost every day as a child, I always thought your show was the best. I first saw you in a movie California pursuit with Richard Pryor when I was seven years old then, a few months later I saw you on the Cosby show know I admit when I saw your show your wife was the only reason I watched your show. But as I kept watching your show I realized that your show was great from the acting to the purpose of the show. But as I got older for some reason your show disappeared and you vanished so as I got older I thought you died so moved on. Almost 10 years later you resurfaced again, but it was for committing a crime. I don't know if you did it, but when I first heard of this I thought what…show more content…
Personally these chicks should go to jail because if he did put something in these girls drink all they knew he was married. By not saying anything they put other people's lives in danger by waiting over three decades to talk. Now if it was three years I would understand, but eventually you can't come back and make claims without any proof except a lot of girls with the same story as you. Because of these claims if he's found innocent nothing will happen to these girls for lying; he has painted with that brush. It is over. What ever happened to self-accountability; everyone always has an excuse about why a tragedy has happened. Instead of looking in the mirror and saying I fucked up; self-accountability isn’t common, instead of saying I didn’t prepare from point A to b will blame our laziness on depression or our surroundings. An example of this is when you’ll hear a poor person saying that person must be in the Illuminati; or they say they must have taken it from behind to become famous. Usually when someone is doing better in life then us will use racial slurs to tear down that persons confidence; instead of working harder and worrying about yourself, we feel the need to crush the next persons confidence to make ourselves feel better. You’re not doing anything but destroying yourself from the inside by not controlling your destiny; We have to do better in
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