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Fans of veteran comedian Bill Cosby took to social media on January 23 to voice their support and celebrate a big legal win. Fans tweets well-wishes to Cosby 's official Twitter account and gleefully said they knew all along that he was innocent of raping 40 women. The news broke on Thursday, January 21, but didn 't receive media attention until Saturday morning, prompting some supporters to accuse the media of deliberately tarnishing Cosby 's image and refusing to acknowledge his innocence.

Even those on the opposite side of the subject, who believe that Bill Cosby raped at least some of the women who accused him took to social media to weigh in.

It 's unlikely that either side will change their opinions on Bill Cosby and his guilt or innocence anytime soon. Which is unfortunate, because they all think he 's been cleared of criminal charges, but he hasn 't.
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Reportedly, the judge dismissed Hill 's defamation lawsuit because he found that the evidence her lawyers provided didn 't support a claim of defamation according to Pennsylvania law. Cosby and his lawyers called the accusations were "innuendos" and that "people should fact-check" before accusing him of anything. Camille Cosby, Bill Cosby 's wife of fifty years, wrote a letter to the Washington Post, claiming that media outlets failed to properly vet Cosby 's accusers before publishing their accusations. Despite their dismissals, Bill Cosby, his wife, and his legal team never outright accused the women of lying or attempting to extort Bill Cosby, so there was no finding of defamation.

But, based on the tone on social media, people think the dismissed defamation lawsuit means that Bill Cosby is in the clear. He isn 't. According to BBC, a Pennsylvania district attorney charged Bill Cosby with aggravated indecent assault in December 2015. While the alleged assaults on Renita Hill began in the 1980s, the assault for which Bill Cosby was charged occurred in 2004 and the victim was
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