Bill Gates Accomplishments

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Bill Gates, the renowned billionaire who grew up as a small child fascinated in technological gadgets, which then lead him to completely change the computer industry. Bill Gates changed the whole industry by creating Microsoft, the first real company to bring computers small enough to fit at your home, as well as a computer being simple enough for the common person to understand how to use it. Although some people credit Apple with the revolution of technology, Bill Gates helped, advanced and changed the world in many ways through his inventions of personal computing products that were high quality and affordable. With the success of Microsoft leading him to be the richest man alive, this also lead him to start his foundation, the Bill and…show more content…
Bill Gates began developing/ marketing computer software as a teenager ("Bill Gates”). Bill gates was very intelligent as a kid and teenager, since he was so intelligent he decided to drop out of Harvard because their was simply no reason to attend school anymore due to him devoting his life to his new company, Microsoft. Bill Gates understood that he was wasting time by staying at Harvard because he already knew what his career was going to be, expanding Microsoft into something big. Bill gates’s friend Paul Allen co founded Microsoft and helped him program his first computer, the “Altair 8800”. The “Altair Basic” was, “Microsoft 's first sale as a microcomputer software house"("Bill Gates”). However Bill Gates and Paul Allen didn 't invent the “Altair 8800” it was invented by MITS, a “build it yourself computer” meaning you can purchase the computer and then program it however you would like to. Bill Gates and Paul Allen programed it so it was the very first personal computer to have a language program, meaning a computer at home can now have words and letters on screen. After they programmed it to do this they sold their invention back to MITS and called it the “Altair BASIC”. Microsoft was established in 1975, however its first five customers went bankrupt ("Microsoft"). Microsoft had a rough start due to it having no one to sell to, but eventually it found…show more content…
The development of windows could be the sole reason why microsoft changed the future of technology. In 1987 “Windows” was created, an operating program featuring simplified commands and eye catching graphics. With the new look of windows it made many sales. By early 1993, Windows was selling at the rate of one million copies a month. ("Microsoft"). With selling one million copies a month, that shows how successful and well performing windows truly was. Also in 1993 25 million people were registered users relying on windows ("Microsoft"). With a high 25 million people relying on windows, that also shows how much a impact windows had on the computer market. With the amount of wealth Microsoft made from windows it introduced many new innovations such as, “Windows 95”. Windows 95 was released in 1995 and came with a huge amount of success. Windows 95 sold one million copies in its first four days ("Microsoft"), compared to “Windows” selling one million every month. Windows truly made Microsoft world renowned because of how sufficent it
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