Bill Gates: Billionaire, Computer, Genius

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Bill Gates
Billionaire, Computer, Genius

Technology, Microsoft, or Software are three words that come to people’s minds when they here the name Bill Gates. Many people know that Bill Gates was very rich, smart, and of course, the creator and chairman of Microsoft. However, he was much more than just that. As a billionaire technical genius, Bill Gates changed the world by noticing the lack of a microchip and technology, and took a big step and found Microsoft. He brought America a new revolution of technology, giving almost everyone a computer on every desk, and in every home. (Gates). Today he is remembered with the legacy: Billionaire, Computer, Genius.
Gates’ early life began with his birth. Gates was born on October 28,1995
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He started out by making a microprocessor chip in 1979, and called it the “8086 Chip”(Dickson 35). Then he made MS-DOS the standard operating system for all of Microsoft. To add on to that in 1985, Bill launched Windows 1.0 ,which for the first time, allowed you to click something on the screen and then the computer will open it (Demuth 59). Gates then noticed that his program, Microsoft was lacking an internet browser. So in 1995, he launched Internet Explorer (Demuth 78). In that same year, he also launched Windows 95, a fast and improved version of Windows 1.0, which costed him 200 million…show more content…
He is and will always be remembered as the founder and chairman of Microsoft, the world 's youngest billionaire, and as the largest shareholder of Microsoft. His awards and recognitions are too many to count, but some of the newest couple are his recognition from Queen Elizabeth II for all his hard work and effort in 2005 (Kreit online), and The Presidential Medal of Freedom awarded to him by President Barack Obama in 2016 (Britanica). Gates also went on to raising a family. On New Years Day of 1994, Gates married Melinda, and in that same year his mom, Mary Gates died. (Demuth 67) . He formed the Bill and Melinda foundation with her and together, they had 3 kids, Jennifer, Rory, and Phoebe. Gates also went on spending money in other ways. In the mid 1990s Gates built a very expensive lakefront mansion, and in 1994 Gates started possessing a love to art, and paid 30.8 million dollars for a special notebook called the Codex Hammer.(Dickson 69-71) In 1999, Bill Gates published a book Business At the Speed of Time (Kreit Online). A few years later, in 2008 Bill donated more than 28 billion dollars to charity, and in that same year Gates’ fortune continued to grow, but he lost the title of the richest man on

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