Bill Gates Case Study: Bill And Melinda Gates

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Case Study – Bill and Melinda Gates 1. What do you think Bill and Melinda Gate’s personality traits are for each of the Big Five dimensions? Compare the two. The purpose of big five is to categorize the personality traits into different dimensions which can help us to understand better how people behave to others and how react in their life. The Big Five Model of Personality categorizes traits in different dimensions such as Surgency, adjustment, conscientiousness, and openness to experience (Lussier, 2013). Based on the theory I will try to analyze some of the personality traits of Bill and Melinda Gates. First, the dimension which characterizes both of them is Surgency or in other words according to the Lussier Dominance. We can easily understand that Bill Gates is a person who wants to have the control in a situation and he wants every time to be in charge. When Bill was in an executive position at Microsoft has been create some meetings which as well known as ‘’Bill Meetings’’ where he presented his thoughts and he listened all of them trying to them challenges in order solve problems. One the other hand Melinda was the youngest woman recruit in Microsoft and the only woman in among MBAs, this show to us that Melinda was competing with man for a higher position and wanted to be in charge in order to achieve her goals. Second dimension is agreeablenesses which include traits related to getting along with people. Agreeableness means that a person is warm, caring,
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