Bill Gates Case Study

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Because of Bill Gates, Microsoft managed to earn a 25% net income in 1991. From 1986 to 1991, the company’s income statements increased from 197 million dollars to 1.843 billion dollars. Bill Gates came up with two products for Microsoft to sell, the operating system and application software. The application software was Microsoft’s best seller as it was user-friendly. Microsoft introduced Microsoft Works, which was a program that had a word processer, a spreadsheet and a database. The company later introduced Microsoft Office, which as one of their most successful products as it included Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Bill Gates knew that he couldn’t produce and sell these products by himself, so he had to hire people that knew what they were
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He expanded Microsoft without making any mistakes. Bill Gates played a significant role in managing the firm. He was a great leader by making the work environment stable and ensuring that his employees were comfortable in their surroundings. Gates made sure that everything would run smoothly at Microsoft from having the building organized to market sales and product development. Gates needed to hire and train people, so that he wouldn’t have to manage the company’s operations. One of his main concerns was costs, whether it was from marketing and product development. Without Bill Gates, there would be no Microsoft.
Bill Gates hired his employees and motivated them with compensation. He was loyal to Microsoft, his products, clients, and his employees. Bill Gates treated his employees with respect by holding meetings just to inform them what Microsoft had coming up, what was going on, and where Microsoft stood. It amazes me that a top CEO like Bill Gates knew his employees by name. However, by knowing their name, he would gain their respect and
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The company saw another big release with the release of Windows XP and Windows Vista. One of Gate’s most brilliant ideas was Windows 8 as it was faster and better than the other updates. Microsoft has expanded out to cellphones and tablets to keep up with their competitors. By showing diversification, Gates is showing everyone that Microsoft isn’t just about computers. In my opinion, Bill Gates is a genius as Microsoft went from having to type commands to consumers having the operating system in their pocket, at home, or on the go. Without Bill Gates, Microsoft wouldn’t have been so
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