Bill Gates Character Analysis

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Bill Gates is the owner and co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, which is a company that specializes in creating software’s such as the Windows XP or the Windows ’98.

On January 1st 1994,Bill Gates married Melinda Gates and now has two daughters named Jennifer and Phoebe, and a son name Rory (Grimm).Bill Gates parents had decided to enrol him at a private school called the Lakeside school, which was also attended by Paul Allen, the soon to be co-founder of Microsoft. Lin, (2010) mentioned, Bill Gates was one of the most successful dropouts. Bill started developing software while he was still attending his course and he then slowly formed his own software business, Microsoft Corporation. Bill Gates’ originally from at Seattle, Washington
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He is not the type of person who tolerates any underperformance from his employees; he would make sure he gets the work he wants done correctly. Besides that, Bill Gates is known for being a workaholic; he can stay in his office all day long just doing his work. But a strong trait about him is that he shows enthusiasm when he does his work, he enjoys his work and he gives all his time and effort into doing it, Bill Gates does not believe in raising his voice, he does not show his anger towards others as he does not think that it is an effective way to motivate his employees. Venkataramani said, one of Bill Gates’ strengths is that he is very encouraging towards his employees for them to give their best. He does not use discouraging words towards them. Also, Gates always make his presence felt, he would voice out his opinion and ideas while also helping others by giving them more information. He sure does display a figurehead role as he has the leadership potential, he leads his workers to create something unique and he does a great job in being their…show more content…
Window 7 successors to Windows Vista, whilst maintaining compatibility with hardware and software designed for Vista. Windows 7 featured a similar appearance to Vista too; however the whole system was more streamlined. In contrast to Vista, Window 7 was praised by many critics.
Windows 8, which was introduced on August 1, 2012, featured major changes to the platform and user interface of the operating system. Windows is now competing with mobile based operating systems like android OS and iOS. Although being widely praised, there was still some criticism about the software being hard to learn.
Microsoft always had troubles dealing with competitors such as Apple. When Mac was introduced to the general public by Apple, many people started using Mac instead of Microsoft because a Mac is more stable and user friendly. Microsoft also had problems competing with Linux/Unix. Until Windows XP, Microsoft had a lot of problems stabilizing their operation system also known as OS for their software.
Bill Gates profited a lot from Microsoft, being listed in the Forbes list of the world’s wealthiest men. His wealth more than doubled from 40 billion dollars to 82 billion dollars between 2009 and 2014. On June 27th 2008, Bill Gates had worked his final day in the
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