Bill Gates Major Accomplishments

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Perhaps the most successful man in the United States is a person of humble beginnings, middles and ends. William Henry Gates III, publicly referred to simply as Bill Gates, may have been born into an upper-middle-class family, but his experience—and true beginning as an independent adult—began with the humbling experience of dropping out of Harvard. As a college dropout struggling to nurture his budding tech company into fruition, Bill Gates gave tremendous effort and innovation before finding stable success as the cofounder of Microsoft. However, even as immense riches began pouring in thanks to his hard work, Bill Gates remained humble throughout it all. Born October 28, 1955, Bill Gates was nurtured in a loving home that encouraged competition. He began to take interest in technology when his school presented its students with a computer terminal and teleprinter (“Bill Gates”). As Bill Gates was then happily immersed in a world of technology, programming, sourcing…show more content…
Although money was not at all an issue, Gates showed his humbleness by continuing to fly in coach (Zuckerman). And whenever he gained wealth, he became rich in humility by donating to those in need. As of 2000, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated $30 billion, and has dedicated much of its resources to fighting the battle against ailments such as polio, malaria, ebola in countries that can do little to help themselves (“Powerful People”). Besides investing in the health of people in third world countries, he has also worked with the United Negro College Fund to help pay tuition for deserving students in the United States as they are able to achieve the education Gates himself was privileged enough to both have and let go (“Powerful People”). In this way, Bill Gates shares his financial success tenfold with those who may or may not ever have the chance to repay

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