Bill Gates: My Great Entrepreneur

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Everyone knows about this well-known entrepreneur, Bill Gates. He is the one who have been inspired and admired by many people because of his successful in life and business skills. He is also became a favourite famous entrepreneur to the whole world. Subsequently, Bill Gates is my personal favourite entrepreneur because of his passion to create new things and make something difference. For examples, the major factor of Bill Gate’s success are, he desire to create something new that can change the world. Before he became a successful entrepreneur, he has tried and continue to innovated and get ahead to changing the world. He kept innovating, trying, and changing his products from ‘Basic, MS Dos, Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7’( 2011). After that, Bill Gates has been offered with many charitable causes to fund. However, he gives money to an institution and he makes sure that he is involve with that. That’s how much Bill Gates values passion to create and make a difference. The other reason why Bill Gates is my personal favourite entrepreneur because of his hardworking and his dedication to his works. For examples, he never easily given up even many conflict and hatred afflicted him. Other than that, he keep put an effort until he become success and he also has a good discipline and dedicated to his works. For him, to achieved his successful, he needs to neglect all the
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