Bill Gates: The Invention Of Computers

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With the improvement of technology, the world has been revolutionized since the invention of computers, speeding countless processes dramatically. One man who has been responsible about this incredible invention is a name known around the world, William Henry Gates, also known as Bill Gates. Since his teenager years, Gates was very interested in writing code and programming. He was raised to be a lawyer, with competition being a highly rewarding attribute, pushing Gates to be a winner from a young age. Throughout his educational life, he was the top of his class scoring the highest, graduating a National Merit Scholar followed with 1560 out of 1600 in his SAT exam (The Times of India, 2013). Gates enrolled into Harvard and his drive to solve…show more content…
In order to achieve that, a user-friendly programming system was highly demanded for computer producers to shift their focus from “super computers” to “personal computers” (that was later commonly known as PC). Computer usage was limited to certain industries, people with the necessary technical skills and ‘hobbyists’. Several major computer companies existed during the 1970s, but the operating systems and software that were available at the time did not allow them to mass-produce and sell to the general public around the world. The general sentiment in regards to computer usage was a positive one but there was no technology user-friendly enough for the people to easily learn and use, nor were there computers that were designed and produced for personal use. Therefore, Bill Gates’ creation of Microsoft, both in terms of operating system and company, has satisfied a great demand that was in the general public, particularly the youth. More importantly, Microsoft has shifted the capabilities of computers from the several aspects of business and society that it was available to meet an ambitious vision that Bill Gates had, which was “a computer on every desk and Microsoft software on…show more content…
The first major deal that helped the launch of the company was a deal that was done with computer producer IBM. The initial contact with IBM was when the company was looking for an operating system suitable for its upcoming computer in 1980, but nothing in the market was suitable for the company. This is when Gates adapted existing software to perfectly meet personal computer’s needs that IBM had in mind, and ensured that Microsoft would have the exclusive rights to the licensing and ownership of the software known as 86-DOS (Das, 2010). Upon the successful launch of IBM’s computer, the introduction of such a technology was very successful that the media recognized how Microsoft has been a very helpful factor in the success of the computer’s sales. Bill Gates saw the value of the 86-DOS software and its application on other computers and saw the potential of making a lot of money from licensing the technology to others. The launch of the IBM computer, a lack of serious competition along with the assurance of the software’s success from the media has allowed him to easily dominate the market by selling to all the major players in the computer
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