Bill Mckibben's Embedded Sustainability

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To answer the first question, no, growth alone is not sustainable. A quote stated by Bill Mckibben says, “To truly stop ruining the planet, society must break its most debilitating habit: growth.”(Laszlo). He believes that the change will not happen fast enough to preserve the planet. What is the role of government and of the nonprofit sector? The government plays a role by creating regulations for businesses to follow. Businesses may be fined or shut down in some cases. The government wants to limit the harm to others some of businesses can be causing. In my opinion, the government needs to play a bigger role by forcing recycling. If we are hurting the environment as bad as they say we are, then it would be a law to recycle. In some cities…show more content…
All businesses need to try to be more sustainable. This book is a good outline for doing that. They explain what happens when a business is not being environmentally friendly and how to change that. Being sustainable projects a positive imagine on the company. Doing that will attract new customers. Becoming environmentally friendly is a big movement right now. A company that is trying to be sustainable will be opening itself up to a wider market. People who are not environmentally friendly normally have a neutral view point and could care less. So with the change, they will most likely gain new customers that only support sustainable businesses instead of losing customers. If they do see a decline in customers, it will most likely be due to the higher cost of being…show more content…
For the most part, I know that being sustainable is important and a goal that a business should be setting. It is sort of common sense. Nobody has a set goal of hurting the environment. A business will do what they can to be sustainable but if there is not another way for them, they will continue conducting business like they were until the government steps in. I learned different strategies from the book to be more sustainable. But I am left with a lot of doubt. I am a hard person to persuade. I care a lot about our environment but I we will never see the difference being sustainable can make. Our great grandchildren probably will not be about to see the difference either. I understand the data and research that has been done, but I do not think it is fully the truth. I think there are extremist who exaggerate the data and take things a little too far. All companies should at least conserve energy and water, and recycle. There is no reason to not do that and a few other easy things. They should look into other ways as well but they should not break there company in doing so. There has been enough evidence to fully convince me. There was also data that said the world would end in the year 2012. Data can be

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