Bill Moyers Myth

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INTRODUCTION The introduction is mainly on the author Bill Moyers’, fascination for Joseph Campbell’s work on mythology. Author Bill Moyers writes about how many of his beliefs were influence by Campbells work. In fact, one of his most remembered day was when he had the chance to speak with Joseph Campbell about many different mythological terms. This once in a lifetime opportunity is one of the many things Bill Moyer loves talking about with his mature children. Moyer, influenced by Campbells work, believes that the public image of the president has been murdered by society. He argues that we have a president “representing a whole society” mad up of the living social organism of which ourselves were the members taken away from our exuberant…show more content…
Bill responds by stating, that there exist remnants of all that “stuff” that line the walls of our interior systems. Similar to Bill Moyers example of fragments that make up a broken object. He holds a belief that we are organic human beings and that there exists the same energy in all the same “stuff”. As the introduction continues, Moyer and Campbell were joined by a character named Joe. Together they are setting up to watch The Star Wars Movie, before which Joe had something to say. Joe was interested in how he had thought of the newest and most powerful spin to the Class story of the hero. His plan was to convey the idea that technology is not enough to save us. Instead Joe believes that we are to rely on our instincts, intuition, and “true being”. In response to Joe’s views, Moyers claiming that we people are “a hasty retreat from reason”. Campbell includes that he views that the journey of a hero is not the hero’s aggrandizement but not to identify themselves with any of the figures of power. Moyer only goes on to make fun of Campbell, by claiming that Campbell would always see life as an adventure and has no gravity. Moyer also refers back to the, not so smart, decision that Campbell made when he chose to give up his doctorate to spend his time reading in the
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