Bill Nye Global Warming Rhetorical Analysis

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I recently watched Bill Nye's documentary on global warming. Bill Nye explained why climate change is happening, what are the consequences and what we can do to change it. The video uses several persuasive techniques that are effective and the overall effect of the video is obvious. After watching this video, I did have several aspects I would want to research further, however, Bill Nye did an excellent job explaining everything in detail and addressing his message to the mass audience. He presents the issue and gives all the necessary information to convince the audience that it is not only real, but also urgent and serious.
Bill Nye applies to scientific facts providing data in a form of charts and tables. He puts the numbers and statistics
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However, it is up to the audience whether to take action, to research the topic more or do not make any changes. The persuasive techniques in the video are clear and open, therefore, it has an effect on the audience. It encourages not only to care about climate change, but also take specific steps to reduce it.
Even though, the video by Bill Nye in National Geographic provides clear evidence and persuades audience that the climate change is an issue, there are people who believe it is not real. The example of a video on this topic is “Global Warming Is A Hoax” by political campaignist Lenar Whitney. This video uses some similar persuasive techniques as well as different ones. And it has certain effect on the audience as well. It can easily persuade a person that the issue of global warming and climate change is non-existent and was created by
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She applies to the quote of George Orwell to prove that she is taking a revolutionary step by telling the truth. She proceeds to using generalization and hyperbole by telling that “any 10-year old” can prove that climate change is not real. This engages the audience and lets them re-evaluate all the facts and rumors they have heard before and apply personal experience to the analysis of the situation. Lenar Whitney also uses attack on an opponent to prove her point. She points out the discrepancy in the opponent’s actions and words in regard to global warming. As Bill Nye, she too uses visuals as evidence in her presentation. She shows the before and after pictures that have obvious differences and a picture of an article that must prove that the scientists have data they are hesitant to release. She also applies to the “American dream” and how oil industry has had a positive impact on the American economy, applying to the audiences fear of losing stability. Lenar Whitney uses emotive language to create an emotional impact and engage the audience. In addition to these techniques, she uses rhetorical questions and pronoun “we” in the same way as Bill Nye. She is making the audience to be the part of her
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