Bill O 'Reily's Article Trumps Silent Plurality'

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Bill O’Reily in his article “Trumps Silent Plurality” argues that President elect Donald Trump, despite wide opposition by the “Left Wing” media and experts has managed to win the presidential election as well as “rewriting the manual the manual for how to run a presidential campaign. O’Reily supports this claim by introducing the perspective of a trump supporter, giving reasons for why and how Trump was opposed, and finally he explains the importance of the elections results and how they will affect the future. One of the most salient strategies O’Reily employs in order to convey his argument is addressing the situation from a new perspective. From the onset of the article the reader is introduced to the mindset of a fairly informed American voter, who finds presidential candidate Donald Trump very…show more content…
O’Reily then describes some of the situations Donald Trump supporters face, such as being labeled as “xenophobic, racist, and downright deplorable” and being mocked by “pollsters” unspoken ridicule. O’Reily concedes that although the scenario is slightly embellished, much of the events described have played out over the past year and that the purpose of the scenario was to introduce why a trump supporter may not want to admit who their preferred candidate is. Another strategy O’Reily implements in his article is the use of informal writing. Informal writing is used throughout the article in a witty and oftentimes comedic or sarcastic way. His informal writing and conversational tone are effectively used throughout the scenario found in the first half of his article which helps to further emphasize the perspective of the ordinary American. Some examples of this can be found through his use of slang such as “junkie” and “a working stiff”, as well as his use of comedy portrayed in the sentence “ And when Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham join the USA exiting crowd, tattoo artists start worrying about
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