Bill Of Rights And The 6th Amendment Essay

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The Bill of Rights 6th Amendment

In the United States there are rights that have been established, and has been there in place for a long time now. There are some people that break the laws and commit crimes, these individuals will end up being arrested and will eventually have their case heard before a Judge. In fact, these individuals are called the accused. There are presumed innocent until proven guilty, in the United States Governments. In addition, the accused have human right sustained by the Constitution of America. This analysis will discuss the history of the Bill of Rights and the 6th Amendment, review the meaning and purpose of the 6th Amendment Right to a speedy trial, and discuss considerations used to assess whether a trial has been ‘speedy’.

The Bill of Rights of the United States Government was created to back to the 1790’s.
Furthermore, those being accused of committing a crime thanks to the Bill of Rights they have human protection throughout the process. As it states in (Gerland, 2009), “By 1791, the states had ratified 10 of these amendments, which became known as the Bill of Rights (p.36)”. When the Amendments came about there were 12 at first, then as it states it was ratified to be 10. Out of those 10 Amendments of the Constitutional Rights, the 6th Amendment is what this
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Going back to the 1790’s the Federal Government have provided the accused with protection. Even though they are being charged with a crime including felony crime this does not give the system the right to do the accused any kind of way. Therefore, the Bill of Rights protects the accused from unfair and unjust treatment. This paper went over some brief history regarding the Bill of Rights and how the 6th Amendment is what it is today, reviewed the meaning and purpose of the 6th Amendment to a speedy trail, as well as discussed the considerations to whether a trail has been
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