Bill Of Rights Argumentative Analysis

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Introduction The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments from the Constitution and it was created to give people rights so the government won’t interfere with them. The purpose of this document is for everyone living in America rights to have freedom of how they want to express themselves, how they’re protected when confronted with the government or other higher authorities, and other examples that can help protect the people. The history of the documents states that, “those 12 were sent to the states for approval in August of 1789. Of those 12, 10 were quickly approved” (Bill of Rights of the United States (1791)). The Bill of Rights was then fully ratified by Virginia’s legislature on December 15, 1791. James Madison, the person who created…show more content…
In Brad Haws and Patricia Hunt’s article, “Giving our Final Days to God,” they counterclaim another article that talks about how Kim Kuo’s beliefs is insufficient. She argues that, “ Kuo stands strong on the idea that assisted suicide is playing God. But nowhere does she note the reality that many of our efforts to prolong life--pharmaceutically, surgically, or with other treatments-- are also ‘playing God.’ The physical, relational, and financial pain that comes with decisions to keep treating such illnesses is also playing God, is it not” (Haws and Hunt). They oppose Kuo’s ideas because she believes her husband can keep on having faith when she knows the struggles paying the treatments given to her husband to continue living. Haws and Hunt conclude that relying on your religion isn’t reasonable to oppose the right to end your life when the person has suffered enough. “While I do not support assisted suicide, it is unfair to describe a 10-year illness without addressing the cost [of prolonging life], which would have bankrupted many Americans” (Haws and Hunt). They imply that trying to pay for the patient’s treatment to continue fighting their illnesses will damage them financially and emotionally to the patient and their family. Even though Kuo’s beliefs are some reasons that assisted suicide should be illegal, there will be people who will be against those types of
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