Bill Of Rights For Animals

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A number of scientists have recently found out that animals are more like us than we ever imagined. According to Lori Gruen from The Dodo, ¨research has shown that many other animals have rich social relationships, sacrifice their own safety by staying with sick or injured family members so that the fatally ill will not die alone, grieve their dead, respond to emotional states of others, engage in norm governed behavior, manipulate and deceive, understand symbolic representations and pass along culture.” This is basically saying that animals have emotional feelings. So this is the question do we treat animals the way we should? Because there is still animals abuse, hunting for fun or sport, zoos and deadly experiments that they are put through everyday that they do not deserve, animals are not treated how they should be. Animals should have a bill of rights to make sure they are treated fairly. This doesn 't mean we should stop eating them or anything like that, just that they should be treated well during the time they are alive, they shouldn 't be taken away from their families at a young age and kept in a cage throughout their whole life like Tilikum from the documentary…show more content…
Certain animals also need to be protected before it is too late. We should have an animals bill of rights because many animals are listed on the endangered species list on world wildlife federation’s website. If we keep treating animals how we treat them today then a lot of them are gonna die off, then what happens? We wouldn’t be able to use them for resources and it would be very difficult to find substitutes. A way we can avoid this issue is to have the bill of rights and let animals reproduce and live with their little ones for a little before we kill them and use them for resources. By doing this we still get resources we need and we also help out the animals, they get to live happy lives and reproduce and stay with their families for a little bit before we use them for
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