Bill Of Rights In Schools Essay

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Genesis Orellana Politics 120 Lee Corbett I never knew that the bill of rights only limited the national government, and not the states. How is it that the bill of rights would affect the people positively, when the states didn’t have to give them those rights? It makes no sense to me, that James Madison would create the Bill of Rights only to be used in the courts of the national government and not be used to fully extend to the general public. It was “power that simply did not exist.” (Maharrey) The rights of public school students are not fully defined. I believe that the court decision known as, the Morse v. Frederick court case was in violation of the constitution itself when it sided with the school principle. The Alaskan high student,…show more content…
It is, in my opinion, completely ignorant to believe that students don’t see these types of banners elsewhere or that they have never been exposed to such announcements. It is absurd to think that with the displaying of the banner students would be influenced to immediately use drugs. I believe it was a violation of the first amendment, which states the freedom of speech. The incident occurred on a public sidewalk and was not disrupting the school system in any possible way. Unfortunately with a very shady response, the judge answered to the court case by stating that the, “compelling interest in prohibiting/punishing student speech that reasonably could be viewed as promoting illegal drug use” (United States Courts) was enough to “enforce the school board 's written policies at that time aimed at keeping illegal substances out of the school environment,” as said by Mr. Morse. (Mears) In my opinion, Fredrick had the right to freely express his feelings towards drugs. The term “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” implies in slang, “to inhale smoke from a bong for Jesus.”(Bong-Hit) It simply means that Jesus’s stance towards smoking marijuana would not be sinful, since it is a natural plant, therefore it should be legalized.(Carter)
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