Bill Of Rights In The Philippines

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Bill of Rights: Life, Liberty, and Property By: Zahedah E. Zailon The world is made up of different people coming from different countries. All people are born unique and different from one another. Despite all the differences people have in the world, there is one thing in common that all people have. Every living organism in the world has their own rights and responsibilities. One shall do his or her best in order to live a harmonious life with the accordance of the law. By the time people are born, the government already has a duty to serve and protect its citizens in a country. According to Huxtable (1999), right is your protection against those who try to forcibly get some of your life’s time, your money or belongings. Whether you are rich or poor, white or black, short or tall, fat or thin, or no matter how much you differ from one another, no one has the right to discriminate an individual because you deserve to be respected and to be treated equally from all the people around you. This paper will talk about Bill of Rights-- its definition, its illustration about life, liberty and property, and its implication to the Philippines. All the rights of the people are under the supervision of the Bill of rights. A bill is a formal statement of a proposed new law that is examined and then voted on in a Parliament (Collins, 2009, p.83). Moreover, Bill of rights is a summary or collection of certain fundamental rights and privileges guaranteed to the people and
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