Bill Of Rights Should Be Taught In Schools Essay

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When it comes to students who are from a religious background their work can be displayed because it is a part of their first amendment. The first amendment mentions how everyone is able to express religion and freedom of speaking. Under the First Amendment they have delivered two things that deals with religion, which are; The Establishment Clause and The Free Exercise Clause. These two clauses help with religious beliefs. This is something that cannot be taken away from students. Due to the fact that the first amendment is made up from the bill of rights, and the bill of rights is there to protect the citizens. Students are allowed to express their self through religious views. If student work is related to the assignment given the student…show more content…
Schools do not have the right to discriminate upon students because they believe in a certain religion. According to the Texas Association of School Broads it was mention that if a student is incorporating religion aspects into their assignments that the teacher must only focus on the academic part of their work (Texas Association of School Broads, 2014, P. 3). This will help protect the students’ first amendment rights where students are allowed to believe in whatever they feel they want to believe in. A student should be able to express and believe freely without the teacher using this against them. There were several cases that involved students and their religion. One case that happen was called the Engel vs. Vitale (1962). This case was about how a student parent sued The Board of Regents. From this case the board had written a prayer were students would recite every day. The parent Engel argued that this was prayer was unconstitutional because it was written by the government officials. It was also mentioned how this prayer violated the Establishment Clause. It violated the Establishment of Clause because the school was promoting religion to the student and this is not
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