Bill T Jones Still Here Analysis

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Bill T. Jones’s Still/Here is about the human feelings and they are expressed through high formal structures. I think this choreography is abstract and it focuses on the gestures that Jones’s is dancing to. One of the examples is when one of the dancers strikes up and uses a “game-playing” technique in the workshops. When the singer Odeta is heard on the tape she filters some selective texts from the workshop that the composer Frazelle has set into the art songs with a “spiritual” feeling. For most of classical dance lovers these songs have their own beauty and they can feel the movements and feeling about these dancers something I can not feel because I do not like these type of songs/dance but I can say that it gave me some type of idea about what was going on thanks to Jones’s when he was asking them what they were feeling even thought there was no music just movements but I was able to recognize some feelings. The “Still” section features stillness and relates to reactions to a diagnosis of serious illness they have and the “Here” is about living with the prospect of death revving into a sense of reality, with hope.…show more content…
At the beginning of this and the “Discussing the Undiscussable” article my thoughts were the same; “Dancing and illness do not go together, when it comes to serious illness and dead there is no way that people are going to feel better by dancing to classical music”. But again that was me but after I saw this documentary I prove that I was completely wrong because in fact there are a lot of people who forget about what they are going through life by expressing themselves with others and dancing. For me that would not worked because I am not the type of person who likes those type of dances or
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