Bill W. S.: The Evolution Of Alcoholics Anonymous

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In 1935, a stockbroker and hopeless alcoholic named Bill W. met Dr. Bob S., who was a noted surgeon and a hopeless alcoholic. Both men tried every remedy imaginable to eliminate their dependence on alcohol. When Bill W. and Dr. Bob met, Bill W. had maintained a period of sobriety while Dr. Bob was still hopelessly drowning in alcohol. The Revelation What turned Dr. Bob around was Bill’s revelation that dependence on alcohol was a malady of the mind, body and one’s emotions. Bill revealed to the Dr. that by working with other alcoholics who had fallen prey to their condition on those three critical areas, a person who at one time appeared hopeless could arrest the disease. However, Bill emphasized to the doctor that there was no cure for the disease, but a person could manage their disease and their lives at the same time. Dr. Bob immediately realized he had come face-to-face with a man who was at one time as hopeless as he was. Bill was sober, and the impact on Dr. Bob was immediate. The two men formed alcoholics anonymous. The Evolution of A.A.…show more content…
and Dr. Bob met every day to discuss their conditions and work on their emotional and spiritual well-being. Today, Alcoholics Anonymous reaches millions of people worldwide and helps millions more discover a way to live life with their diseases through the organizations 12 steps and 12 traditions. The 12 steps outline practices and principles that alcoholics must apply in their everyday life. The very first step of the 12 steps is the revelation that never changes and will remain throughout the course of time: “Admitted we were powerless over alcohol and our lives had become
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