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MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE OF SINGAPORE IN TASHKENT (MDIST) ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION COVER SHEET Course: Foundation Year Module: Fundamentals of Information Technology Lecturer: Muhammedov Siddiq Assignment Types: Group 120 Due Date: 06.11.2014 S/N Student Name ID Number Student Signature 1 Kurbonov Sukhrob B1401427 2 Anvarov Utkir B1400369 3 Jurayev Nurjakhon B1401425 4 Khamrayeva Feruza B1400361 5 Toirova E’zoza B1400227 Submitted on Due Date (Yes/No) : 06.11.2014 Word Count : 2645 Table of contents 3 1 INTRODUCTION 4 2. Essential Hardwares for Business: 5 2.1 Desktop Computer or Workstation 5 2.2 External Hard Drive 6 2.3 Wireless Router 6 2.4 Laser-Jet Printer: 7 Bussines benefits 8 3. The Best Business Software Tools and…show more content…
Hence it is not necessary to purchase expensive one in light of the fact that you require just enhance your correspondence with your clients and such equipment types above is most suitable for your business3.The Best Business Software Tools and Web Services From making and putting away records and staying on top of email to keeping the books and getting groups cooperating, it takes a great deal of code to run a business, or in any event to run it well. However setting up your organization isn't as simple as simply angling applications out of a barrel. You need the best you can get, and at a value that isn't through the top. On account of capacity and thriftiness immovably, we adjusted our most loved programming instruments and Web benefits that we consider the best for your controlling little business. Obviously, not every business needs every kind of project or administration, yet in the event that your little business could utilize
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