Billie Jean King Accomplishments

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I’ve only played tennis once, Billie Jean King has played a countless amount of time and she helped out with equal rights in the process. Billie Jean King is undeniably courageous because because she was able to Persevere through her difficulties , she showed Excellence playing tennis, and she demonstrated Discipline while playing tennis when others didn’t . First, If she were to defeat Bobby Riggs, the triumph would be shared by every woman who knew she deserved equal pay, opportunities and respect. This shows perseverance because she knew that if she didn’t win then equal rights for women would be set back 20 years, so she had to practice everyday so she could have a chance at beating Bobby Riggs. After King took match point, winning in straight sets, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3, Riggs mustered the energy to hop the net. "I underestimated you," he whispered in…show more content…
This shows discipline because she wanted to do good things for people and she did. In 1961 Billie Jean made sports headlines for the first time when she and Karen Hantze Susman became the youngest pair to win the Wimbledon women's doubles titles. This shows discipline because she wanted to be the best and she made herself the best. Since retirement she has worked for GBLT and an active promoter of Gay and Lesbian rights in America. She also serves on the Women’s sport foundation and the Elton John AIDS campaign. In 2007, she launched Green Slam an organisation trying to make tennis more environmentally aware. This shows discipline because she still does good things for equal rights. Clearly, Billie Jean King is/was one of America's most heroic citizens. She had Perseverance, Excellence, and Discipline. In the end, those traits define the idea of
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