Billie Jo Character Analysis

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At fourteen years old, Billie Jo living in Joyce City, Oklahoma with her mother and father during the Great Depression during the 1930’s. Billie Jo and her parents struggled to live their lives during the Great Depression, because The Dust Bowl destroyed many crops, and Billie Jo’s family were farmers. Her father, a wheat farmer, works what’s left of the farm and her mother spends her time cleaning the house. While her mother being pregnant, Billie Jo does her best to make her mother proud. Suddenly a horrific accident happened, Billie Jo’s mother gets burnt really bad due to kerosene left next to the stove, and catching on fire. A month later Billie Jo’s mother dies giving birth to a baby boy named Franklin. Franklin only lives for a few days. Billie Jo is in pain, she feels guilty because of their deaths. She blames her father as well for leaving the kerosene next to the stove. Life goes on and Billie Jo is lonely, has a few friend. But the one thing that…show more content…
While her competing Billie Jo is nervous and feels crippled. But at the end she ends up in 3rd place. After the talent show, she notice her father has spots on his skin that looks like his father’s skin cancer. Billie Jo decides to leave her father because she’s scared that he will die of cancer. So Billie Jo jumps on a freight train and travels to Flagstaff, Arizona to get away from The Dust Bowl. During her journey she realized trying to get “out of the dust” was apart of whom she was. She finally decides to come back home to her father, and understand him, and forgives him for what he’s done. After all of that they finally talk to each other more than they used to after the horrific accident with Billie Jo’s mother. They finally connected and redefine their relationships and becomes a family. After they reunited back with each other, Billie Jo’s father meets Louise, a teacher at the night school he attended. Later on Louise becomes a special person to
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