Billie Joe De La Flor's 'Give Up On Wheat'

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The main idea of “Spring 1934” is that dust and drought are ripping apart the lives of the West coast civilians. For example, you can find this in “Beat Wheat.” This poem shows that the dust is terrorizing the farmer’s food source and income, and making townsfolk (mostly farmers) lose hope. You can see the lost hope from Country Agent Dewey saying "Soon there won't be enough wheat for seed to plant next fall." “Beat Wheat” is also showing how the future of townsfolk are being affected by the dust, like how Billie Jo and Joe De La Flor’s are. Next, right after “Beat Wheat”, “Give Up on Wheat” tells about Billie Joe’s family being torn apart because of the dust. The argument between Ma and Daddy was caused by the dust, for it was about the

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