Billy Barker Research Paper

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Billy Barker was a sailor from Cambridge shire, England who struck gold in 1862. Billy was Born in England around 1819 as he grew up he Worked with his father as a waterman cutting and logging trees, and working for a sawmill. In 1845 railroads started taking over and the work slowed down in England Billy was losing jobs and money became scarce so he went to North America in search of a new job to keep his funds up. In 1850 Billy worked on a California gold mine in a small town called Lillooet, not having much luck in finding gold so in 1862 Billy barker moved to the area near Richfield to work on several mines that he owned. As Billy worked there he found no gold or any signs, Billy was tired of being unsuccessful so he looked in a canyon where Baskerville now lays, everyone thought he was being silly and called him weird for thinking there was gold down there. Him and his miners had to dig way down and…show more content…
He spent the winters in Victoria and then he met and married his second wife. His fortune eventually ran out so he went back to being a miner and never found as big as find as Barkerville. In 1880 Billy moved to the town of Clinton and lived in at the Dominion Hotel until 1894 that year he moved to Victoria to live in a nursing home where he went to seek medical treatment for what seems to have been either jaw cancer or Parkinson’s disease. Even though July 11 1894 Billy died in Victoria B.C. and was buried at Ross bay cemetery Barkerville still remains open. Unlike many gold rush towns in this era Barkerville still remains open and thriving with rich historic remarks and there judge who put many criminals behind bars. My opinion on Billy barker is he is a good guy and very successful in life with all his great decisions he is defiantly a historical
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