Billy Beane Character Analysis

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The main character, Billy Beane, was an amazing baseball player in high school. People that were sent to see how good Billy was came to watch Billy’s high school games and he was told many times that he would be in the MLB some day. Once Billy was done with high school, the New York Mets offered to sign him and he went against his values and signed (mainly for the money.)

When Billy started he didn’t stand out as much because the players around him were much better. He stopped focusing and got lazy because he wasn’t the best. Billy hated not being an Allstar so much he became started working for the drafting staff of the Oakland A’s and eventually worked his way up to general manager. Billy and his colleague created a new drafting system from a mathematical standpoint. Little did they know, this idea would change baseball forever.
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He even trades his best player who had been on the team forever and so he can get a relatively new player which doesn’t happen too often.

One person that really portrays what the A’s are like is pitch Chad Bradford. He has many flaws and isn’t great but Billy and the rest of the A’s overlooked that and they focused on how he has lots of endurance and is willing to do anything to improve. He shows he is very determined and dedicated.

The A’s went on the achieve a new league record and they win twenty games in a row. They end up reaching the playoffs and loosing but that is still a great season. Lots of other franchises feel that the A’s making the playoffs was pure luck yet the Red Socks like home a lot and offer him a contract which is the highest paying contract in baseball history. Even though this is the highest paying contract ever, he declines it because after he signed with the Mets, he made a pact with himself that he would never do something entirely for money
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