Billy Bigelow And Orpheus Comparison Essay

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One of the striking similarities between Orpheus and Billy Bigelow is their sacrifices they will make for their loved ones. For Orpheus, he made an excursion down the Underworld to retrieve Eurydice. Orpheus said to Hades: “Love has led me here” (Bulfinch 3). Making a trip to the Underworld is no easy feat as you have to go through the terrors one would see in Hades’ domain. Without knowing whether or not Hades would permit Orpheus to resurrect Eurydice back to earth, he does not care. All he cares about is finding a way to retrieve Eurydice to him. Because of his determination, especially with Orpheus convincing Hades by playing music to him, Hades saw how Orpheus is really in love with Eurydice and how he cannot live without her. Because of his love to Eurydice, Orpheus cannot resist looking to ascertain that she is indeed following him, in turn breaking his deal with Hades of not looking back when Orpheus is traveling back to Earth. Despite the most talented musician in the world, Orpheus realizes that he cannot be happy without Eurydice. Love transforms Orpheus because he is willing to go at length to get Eurydice back, even though the venture is dangerous. Orpheus is, after all, a demigod and a great musician. He…show more content…
The difference between Orpheus and Billy is how these men considered their spouses. Orpheus married Eurydice but the readers never hear much of her. We never hear Orpheus utter a word whether Eurydice liked something or not. The myth of Orpheus and Eurydice is a love story, but the focus is only on Orpheus. There is not much exploration to their relationship, nor question why they are together. It’s not as complex as Billy and Julie’s love story compared to Orpheus and Eurydice. Julie and Billy’s love story deals with real life situations about love, marriage, sex, violence, and
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