Billy Bob Jr Research Paper

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Billy Bob Jr. was a normal man with massive strength. He would do everything extravagantly and in a very showoff fashion. When he made his bed he would Fluff the pillows by picking them up and punching them out of his hand like a bullet until it landed on the place he wanted. He didn’t even buy his house he built it himself brick by brick literally here is a picture- And it only took 5 days. It was like he was on steroids 24/7 but truth be told he was born like Paul Bunyon. He was naturally strong and he was famous in my small town. Everyone new who Billy Bob jr. was. He was just like his dad but stronger and wiser. Once he even ripped apart an old piece of scrap metal once to hold up a maiden 's garden truck so he could fix it. She was so…show more content…
As he rounded the corner to one of the old buildings in his small town he saw her on the ground covered in her own blood crying silently now as she struggled to breath. He quickly called the cops and told her it was okay and tried to be as soothing as possible. Grateful for the help she tried her best to focus on her breathing rather than the man that had just made an attempt at her life. As the ambulance rounded the corner Billy Bob Jr. took her up in his arms and rushed to the back doors of the van just as the paramedics came out to help. Later that evening once the trauma and injuries were taken care of Billy Bob Jr. took Ella to his house to protect her from this mystery man. And that was what led to the haunting end of him. Months later wedding bells were heard and it was a joyous occasion in a small town such as his. Him and Ella were being wedded and it was all he could wish for and more. To celebrate their honeymoon they stayed at an inn near the lake in their town. Weeks passed and they still haven 't returned and soon the town suspected something was wrong. The local police checked their hotel and the areas around it and that 's where they found him, Floating down the stream with a guilty smile on his face, as dead as a rock. To Be
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