Billy Bones Summary

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The story starts off with Jim Hawkins at his father’s inn, Admiral Benbow, helping to care for its guests including a pirate named Billy Bones. Billy Bones gave Jim Hawkins a silver fourpenny every month for looking for a seafaring man with one leg. One day 2 pirates Pew (a blind man) and Black Dog come and try to steal something from Billy. Billy Bones later dies from drinking to much rum. Billy Bones owed the inn lots of money, so Jim and his mom go and try to get money from Billy Bones’s chest. Jim takes some papers, including a treasure map, while his mom collects the money. Jim leaves the inn and runs to Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney. They set up a trip later and start sailing to Treasure Island on the ship Hispaniola with an interesting crew.…show more content…
One day on the ship, Jim falls into an apple barrel and hears a conversation that Long John and a couple other crewmen were actually pirates, who want to get the treasure and will kill people for it. Later, Jim sneaks out of the ship and ends up on Treasure Island. On the island, Jim sees John kill an innocent crewmate, and he runs into Ben Gunn who was a pirate who got marooned. In the next part Dr. Livesey narrates how they abandoned the ship to fight at the stockade. They get attacked at the stockade and Tom Redruth on their side dies. The Captain is very patriotic and leaves the British flag up from the
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