Billy Coleman's Where The Red Fern Grows

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Where The Red Fern Grows Where the red fern grows, Written by Wilson rawls. Have you ever wanted something so bad when you were a child that you felt sick to your stomach? In the book Where the red fern grows the boy named Billy Coleman “main character” buys two redbone hounds and trains them. He does not just train them any animal he trains his dogs to be precise killers of a raccoons. It tells about Billy as young man, It really gives a full description of how things are done. We learn how Billy earns his money and has to work hard for it and doesn't get things handed down for him for free. Because of his persistence and his willingness to do hard things, we learn that he is full of determination. Later, we will learn about Old Dan…show more content…
He tells Billy that he had entered his dogs into a hunting dog trials. Billy at first is very nervous and doesn't want to but then he goes and does it for is grandfather. The first night they have to go out and tree three racoons to qualify in the championship. It started to get light out as the sun was coming up. People were ending up losing hope but Billy never lost faith for his dogs. The dogs start barking loudly, Tree’d! They run down the canyon for the dogs and they look up and there is three coon’s in the tree. Billy is excited that his dogs will qualifying in the championship match. The next night they have to go on a hunt with a huge blizzard blowing in. Billy chooses a good starting point for his hounds, and they quickly catch their first coon of the night. Then, as they chase another, a blizzard comes. The men have all decided to come back, when suddenly they hear the sound of the dogs. When they arrive at the tree, they see that Billy's grandfather is missing. They go back and find him, unconscious and with a twisted ankle. Once he revives, he tells Billy to chop down the tree and get the coon. Three coons come out. The dogs kill two of them, but the third escapes. It is freezing cold. Billy gestures in the direction of the third coon, and to his dismay the hounds bound after it. He hopes they are all right. When they are found, the dogs are covered with ice. They have treed a fourth coon, and won the
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